I remember when I first went to therapy because I thought I was bipolar. I would have these intense mood swings that would happen at the drop of a dime, Iโ€™d get very upset and violent. Which led to fighting and throwing things all the time. My moods would swing from one to the next within minutes and anything could trigger a mood swing. My therapist told me to carry a journal with me for the next week and record every time my moods changed. Once she saw that they were changing sometimes several times within the hour she knew that it wasn’t bipolar but a mood disorder caused by anxiety disorder and major depressive disorder. My therapist told me that because I had both major depressive disorder and anxiety disorder I would experience these mood swings because they didn’t mix. She explained that it’s similar to how a tornado forms – with the hot and cold air not being able to mix causing them to swirl into a funnel of devastation. She told me that overtime after I am aware of my triggers, the mood swings would happen less and less. I thought she was crazy at the time because I couldn’t imagine being any different. However, Now I can happily say that I’ve had way less mood swings to the point where I no longer get angry before I remove myself from a situation. I can tell when something is about to make me react in my old ways and now that I think before I snap I haven’t been in a fight in years. It’s to the point where my moods don’t fluctuate every few minutes as they have in the past. This gives me hope that even though there is no cure for depression I know things will get better over time if I keep working on and becoming more in tune with myself.

Published by SheTheWriteHer

I'm a Super Mom of two. I am a huge advocate for Autism and Mental Illness. For as long as I can remember I have suffered with depression and anxiety. Writing became my solace. "All my life I had to write".

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