I remember when I first went to therapy because I thought I was bipolar. I would have these intense mood swings that would happen at the drop of a dime, I’d get very upset and violent. Which led to fighting and throwing things all the time. My moods would swing from one to the next [...]

Good Grief

With National Grief Awareness day being this week, I thought I'd share my story involving grief. I found out grief can be hard but it’s very necessary. One day, back in 2014, I was on the train heading into work one morning and out of no where tears began to well up in my eyes. [...]


Listening to Mo Murda by Bone Thugs N Harmony, in the dark at 9:49pm. I've been in bed the entire day. Waiting... What am I waiting for?? For this depressive episode to pass. I've gotten to the point where I know they're here, I guess you can say this is a good thing. You can't [...]


I saw a post a while ago about Eeyore from Winnie The Pooh that resonated with me. To sum it up the meme said even though Eeyore is clinically depressed, he still gets invited to participate in all of his friends adventures; his friends don't expect him to pretend to be happy or to change, [...]

Say That

In my last post before my break I talked about what you shouldn't say to someone suffering from depression. I feel it's only right to give examples of what you could say instead. 1. Dont say "Stop acting crazy" ⁃ Instead say "You seem to be really struggling. Does your doctor know how you're feeling? [...]

Say What?

When a loved one is dealing with depression or any other mental illnesses its only natural to want to help. You want to give an encouraging word or two. Sometimes when you are only trying to help, you may say things that not only wouldn't actually help, but may also make the situation worse unbeknownst [...]


Sometimes I will share a journal insert to show what it's like to experience an episode and how I'm thinking at the time because I know that my way of thinking is altered during an episode. Here is a journal entry dated 1/11/2019: I'm not doing well today. I pretty much woke up depressed. I [...]